Today’s Catch Triggerfish
June 13, 2012
Baked Golden Tilefish
Today’s Catch Golden Tilefish
June 22, 2012

Today’s Catch Barrelfish

Roasted Barrelfish


The barrelfish has never actually been seen underwater, at least as an adult. This relatively large (35 in; 25 lb), deep-water fish is often caught by commercial fishermen off the coast of South Carolina around an area of rocky bottom called the Charleston Bump. The bump is home to many other species of fish (the commercially important wreckfish, for instance) and other animals, like squids, sponges, tunicates, and corals — all readily visible to the underwater explorer. The barrelfish (Hyperoglyphe perciformis), however, remains elusive. No one who has explored the area in a submersible has been able to locate one. They eat much like Grouper, Wreckfish or Black Cod. I predict this is one  we’ll be hearing more about.



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