Roasted Barrelfish
Today’s Catch Barrelfish
June 15, 2012
Baked Black Grouper
Tonights Fresh Catch Black Grouper
July 6, 2012

Today’s Catch Golden Tilefish

Baked Golden Tilefish

Tilefish inhabit the outer continental shelf and upper continental slope along the entire east coast of the United States and the Gulf of Mexico south to Venezuela. They are found in waters from 250-1,500 feet deep, where bottom temperatures range from 49° to 58° F. Individuals live in cone-shaped burrows, and concentrate in small groups or pods.  Tilefish feed during the day on the bottom on crustaceans, clams, snails, worms, anemones and sea cucumbers. They can reach lengths of 38 inches, although growth is slow. The species is blue-green and iridescent on the back, with numerous spots of bright yellow and gold. The belly is white and the head is rosy, with blue under the eyes. The pectoral fins are sepia-colored, and the margin of the anal fin is purplish-blue. The meat is white mild and very flakey reminiscent of Grouper, or Black Drum.


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